Each year the most exciting part of being a part of Impact KC is getting a chance to hear from so many great organizations across Kansas City.  We receive dozens of applications every year, some of which are selected to advance to our semi-final, and final rounds of approval, culminating in our annual Grants Night Event.  At Grants Nights, the Top 5 Organizations are invited to come and present 5 minute presentations to our board, and all members, about their organization and how they will use the funds.  This swanky event boasts is a ton of fun, with great food and drink, and the competition is extremely exciting, often getting compared to Shark Tank.

Every member of Impact KC has a vote in how we distribute the pooled resources of our giving circle. Our newest member’s vote is of equal value to the president of our organization.

Together, we cast our votes to determine where our donations land, and we believe in a voting system where each vote carries the same weight, regardless of an individual’s role in the organization. Our members vote at the end of each year, and direct our funding at local causes that applied for support through our grant application process.

Once votes are cast, the rewards flow. Each year, the generosity of our members combines to help others in our community, and the impact of our giving circle is realized.