About Impact KC

Who we are…
Impact KC is a group of philanthropic and civic-minded individuals dedicated to making a substantive impact to the well-being of the Kansas City metropolitan area by leveraging the strength and power of a team beyond just the sum of the individuals.

What we do…
Annually each member donates $1,000. The group then receives and reviews grant applications and presentations from charitable organizations and makes collective donations that substantively impact the lives of Kansas City area residents and their communities. We also host quarterly meetings dedicated to expanding philanthropic knowledge of the membership as well as providing information on local volunteer opportunities.

Our Board of Directors

Impact KC is led by a dynamic group of men and women from most influential organizations in the public and private sectors of Greater Kansas City.  Members who wish to serve in a leadership role are encouraged to contact the board to apply for board membership.

Jacqueline Whipple  — President

Scott Shannahan – Vice President

Ryan Gray – Past President

Brian Carroll – Treasurer

Dan Ryan – Grants Committee Co-Chair

Cody Wood – Grants Committee Co-Chair

Jeff John – Recruitment Chair

Katie Lord – Recruitment Chair

Adam Bormann – Director-At-Large

Burton Taylor – Director-At-Large

Leanne Brieby – Director-At-Large

Dan Fromm – Founder Impact KC, Barkley

David Dickey – Founder

Richard Wetzel – Founder

Greg Wolfe – Founder

Dave Brown – Founder

How we are organized…
Impact KC is managed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership (see the Board list). We also have four key committees (Steering & Grants, Events, Communications, and Membership) that focus on specific elements of operations. Members are encouraged to serve on the Board or any of the committees. But general participation is simple and democratic: one member = one vote. Our fund and finances are managed through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation who provides critical support allowing us to focus on making an impact.