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By itself, your membership in ImpactKC is a valuable asset. At the very least, it makes a substantial contribution to one of the select nonprofit organizations that ImpactKC supports each year. But you have an additional role to play as an ImpactKC member—voting to select those winning organizations. This democratic, hands-on characteristic of ImpactKC sets it apart as a foundation, and it brings a direct, meaningful connection to the role of charitable giving.
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Beyond your membership and vote, however, you can also play a vital part in determining the final candidates for each year’s round of funding. As a member of the grants committee, if you elect to join it, you evaluate and score about two dozen applications, then meet to discuss and rank the total number of applications (about 90 last year) with other committee members. If you want to become even more directly engaged, you might join a few ImpactKC members who make site visits to the finalist organizations—an eye-opening glimpse into the real work of caring for, protecting, challenging, and inspiring the citizens of greater Kansas City.  At this level of commitment, you come away with an influential tool besides your vote—the advantage of experience and power of persuasion.